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Disposing of Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers Taste Great!
Feed dead grasshoppers to chickens and ducks.

When the grasshoppers die, simply unclip the lid and throw the dead grasshoppers in the trash or compost pile. If all of the grasshoppers are not dead, submerse the trap in a bucket of water and dispose of the grasshoppers once they die.


Uses for Dead Grasshoppers


We have heard you can dip them in chocolate or fry and salt them, but we just aren’t that brave. However, here are some practical uses we have found:


- Put them in your bird feeder. Watch the birds fly off to feast on them.

- Feed them to your ducks or chickens. This is our favorite form of entertainment.

- Use them to bait a fish hook.  Save money on bait.